Blame games being played in Kolkata over the 3rd bridge collapse (Majerhat bridge) in 6 years

Yesterday on 4th of September at around 4:40 pm, the Majerhat bridge of Kolkata had collapsed. this is the main way connecting the south of Kolkata from the rest of the city.

Suddenly around 4:40 pm a segment of the bridge around 20m, collapse carrying 3 motorcycles, a minibus, and a few cars. One of the motorcyclists died immediately as he fell headlong. The causalities reported till now is 1 dead and 24 injured. The dead being the motorcyclist who was the 1st one to go down with the bridge. The injured are admitted to 2 nearby hospitals.

The rescue operations are being carried by The Kolkata Disaster Management Department, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the state fire department together. The officials fear of more people being stuck under the debris and so they are on site working till now.

Whereas, the oppositions and the party in power are busy playing blame games. The opposition alleged that it is the result of negligence and callousness towards the repair of old bridges of the TMC.  The Governor K N Tripathi called it a “big disaster” and said that maintenance of the bridge is entrusted with the PWD and the railway department.

Senior BJP leader Mukul Roy said, “It is really unfortunate that the bridge has collapsed. But the fact is the state government is solely responsible for the bridge collapse. The issue of repair of the old bridges is not at all on the on the agenda of TMC government.”

The CM Mamata Banerjee who is on a trip to Darjeeling ordered a probe to be conducted. She also went ahead announcing a compensation of 5 lakhs for the family of dead and 50,000 for the injured.

The collapse of the Majerhat bridge is the 3rd such disaster in West Bengal within a time period of around 6 years or less than it. If this disaster had occurred an hour later the casualties would have been much higher as it would be the peak time.

The government really needs to do something about it. There are many other old bridges which need instant repair or else other disasters are not far away.


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