Cosmoprof India Trade Show Is All Set To Rock And Roll In Mumbai With More Than 90 International Beauty Brands!

Cosmoprof India in bringing a series of International beauty trends with more than 90 numbers of International beauty brands. This trade show edition is officially launched today in Mumbai! Well, the beauty community is widely spread over the globe and Cosmoprof India is all set to give the Indians a view of different International beauty trends with so many internationally recognized beauty brands!

The goal of Cosmoprof India:

To inspire the Indian beauty industry by bringing so many international beauty & cosmetics brands together and vice versa.

Indian Beauty & Cosmetics Industry is growing massively and the Indians are experimenting their looks with different cosmetics from different brands. It’s true that the product cycles for different brands are different and different brands bring different beauty & cosmetics collection from time to time! The trade show of Cosmoprof India is going to showcase how the international beauty sector runs and keeps of changing with the changing time!

Check out the latest beauty segments at Cosmoprof India first edition tradeshow, happening in Mumbai:

Whether you prefer novelty or vivacity or boldness, all your needs can be solved simply by attending the show of Cosmoprof India. Also, you will gain enough knowledge and information about the professional international beauty sector while checking out great products from different international brands! The Managing Director at UBM India, Mr. Yogesh Mudras has said that Cosmoprof India plans to satisfy the demands of Indian beauty industry in the country by bringing the latest and trendy international beauty segments in the show!

Events to attend in Cosmoprof India Show (10th-11th Sep) at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai:

In the Exhibitor Product profile and Visitor profile, you will see a complete line of all beauty products, cosmetics, and accessories from different International beauty brands like Nyx, Maybelline New York, Kylie Cosmetics, etc. Not only beauty brands, but you will also see international salon owners, spa owners, cosmetics wholesalers, cosmetics importers/exports all together at the event. If you want, then you can buy cosmetics and beauty accessories directly from the manufacturing brands at a wholesale price. Also, you can check out different types of upcoming cosmetics segments that are going to launch soon in India.

The process of attending the Cosmoprof India show:

The online pre-registration to attend the show is already over! But, if you want, then you can attend it simply by visiting Hotel Sahara Start in Mumbai on this Monday and Tuesday! In order to be a part of the show, you have to bring your valid ID proof with you and you have to pay Rs 1500 as an entry free!

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