Garry Clark to Become the New CIO of Tesla

Tesla Motors now has a new administration head. The former engineering CIO and IT CTO of Juniper Networks, Gary Clark is now appointed as the new CIO. Prior to Gary Clark, Jay Vijayan was the CIO of Tesla who left the company in January, 2016 as he wanted to launch his own startup.

Gary Clark was the person who had overseen the broad shift of Juniper to the cloud infrastructure as well as SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. He revealed his new position on his LinkedIn profile; however, he did not follow up on the request for a comment. Even Tesla denied to give any comment in this regard.

Tesla has been trying to launch its upcoming sedan along with the vision to prepare for an autonomous and ambitious trip on the road. Gary Clark is likely to join the car maker at Silicon Valley, which has been a controversy. Tesla will be launching the sedan Model 3 by the closing of the year 2017 and is optimistic that it will crank out about 5,000 units out of the total cars in its 4th quarter.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla is Elon Musk, who is very popular for making bold bets as well as for his aggressive timelines. Musk has pledged that by the time this year ends, he will demonstrate a road trip with a self-driven car from Los Angeles to New York. It has already commenced its testing of the self-driven car from the year 2016, where about 4 cars have been tested on the public roads of California.

Gary Clark is also indulging in more chances as compared to any other CIO who has headed Tesla before.

Gary Clark had joined Juniper in the year 2011 and provided valuable insights in the facilitation of the networking equipment to make the transition to the Amazon Web Services. Garry Clark told the Business Insider in the year 2016 that this transition had become a highly preferred cloud platform during the execution of propriety applications. Garry Clark has also contributed immensely to make the transition of Juniper consistent with the sale of routers and appliances to SDN (Software Defined Networks). In this, the software is responsible to carry out a lot of manual processes in an automated way while the network hardware undergoes execution.

Clark also said that Tesla needs to expand its domains further and gradually it is pivoting towards the orientation of software and the assistance for this has been received by Amazon as it helps to provide agility in Tesla’s business.

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