How are we preparing for the Olympics 2020? Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore plans to distribute the funds for the Olympics with highly surgical precision!

As India is going to host Olympics 2020, not only the athletes but also the Sports Minister of India, Mr. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is very much concerned about the planning and preparation process for Olympics 2020. In order to make the funding process smooth and easy going, the Sports Minister has come up with a plan! He is now making the funding process equally distributed according to the highest surgical precision.

Rathore’s initiative to distribute funds among all participants equally in Olympics 2020 is commendable

Rathore’s initiatives can actually make India a sporting powerhouse in the world! Rajyavardhan Singh has promised to maintain strict “surgical” precision so that all the athletes preparing for the Olympic Games 2020 can utilize equally distributed funding. In order to achieve this, he plans to divide the entire working burden equally among the elite sportspersons and grassroots. In this way, they can avoid bureaucracy completely, isn’t it great?

Currently, Rajyavardhan Singh is working on the main system that will directly connect the participants with the TOPS (the Target Olympic Podium Scheme) which provides funds to those athletes who have strong medal winning prospects. MOC or Mission Olympic Cell which is appointed by SAI has already started the selection process of the most talented and deserving athletes for Olympics Games 2020. MOC is also responsible for equally disbursing funds among the selected athletes in Olympics Games 2020.

According to the Sports Minister, many corporate houses and big organizations have already started contributing funds generously for the Olympics. Previously, the funds used to go in different directions. Now, the total of the funds is being combined together for equal distribution among all participating athletes!

India has already won 69 medals in the Asian Games and Rajyavardhan Singh is confident about the upcoming Olympics as well while saying “We have gone out and performed outside the country against odds”.

All the athletes are getting battle-ready to win each and every challenge in the Olympics. Not only Olympics 2020, Rajyavardhan Singh is also preparing for Olympics 2024 and Olympics 2028. From explaining the entire work process of the TOPS committee for tracking down the funding process, Rajyavardhan Singh is keeping his eye over each and every dimension. He is keeping a keen eye while observing the planning process.

Undoubtedly, Rajyavardhan Singh’s innovative approach of Olympics 2020 funding will not make all the participating athletes happy and satisfied but also with make India proud.

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