How the Racketeers are taking advantage of diminishing job offers in India

In today’s world finding a job is very tough and this is what the scammers take advantage of. The scammers use different types of trick to make fool of people looking for honest work. They advertise about their fake job offers on sites where the genuine companies post about their job placements. These rackets lure many people to the outskirts of the towns and even in small cities as they ride on big brands. The youth in their desperation to work in bigger companies get trapped and become an easy prey for the racketeers.

They convince people by making upbeat promises to them about their chances of employment in bigger companies like TCS and Wipro. Firstly, the job consultants convince you for the job over a call and ask you to come for an interview. Secondly, the victim of the scam is asked to submit his original documents for further references and lastly, after a representative interview the person, they ask them for a hefty sum of money for the services offered before the job.  In some cases, they promise to give the offer letter later while most of the times they print letters with fake letterheads and gives it to the individual.

The job rackets are one of the booming industries in our country. This is just because of the rapid rise in the number of students passing out every year from low-quality professional colleges and diminishing jobs in public and private sectors. The Internet has become the basic tool to the racketeers as through fake emails and websites they can misrepresent themselves.

There are some racketeers who go to any extent to prove themselves genuine to people. They not only provide the job letters to an individual but also make them join in jobs and give them training in their respective fields. They even deposit the salary to the individual’s account to create an environment of genuineness. Recently, in the month of July, a group of railway job scam was arrested by the Delhi Police, they were even found to give salary to the trainee for about 2 months. They also trap people with fake campus placements. Last year in the month of May, racketeers deceived around 300 students under an engineering college in Odisha. They provided the students’ fake job offers from companies like Mitsubishi. This group of racketeers came into light when the students got to know about the fake job offers.

Chakraborty of Teamlease Services mentioned that there are some basic rules a company follows while hiring a candidate, that is, there are no such circumstances where a company could ask the candidate for money. To check the authenticity of the company is the most important part before even providing any details to the respective authority. Even researches say that one must scrutinize the email id or number from which they are being contacted.

A sophisticated method of verifying the job letter has been advised by TCS. The letter contains a QR code, which must be scanned by the candidate to reach the company’s verification page or even they can go through the internet link provided in the offer letter.

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