India’s 25% Coal-Fired Power Plants Are Still Burning Cash Adding Toxic Pollutants in Air!

While China is planning to wipe out all petrol-driven vehicles by the end of 2030, India is still continuing to use coal-fired power mostly. India’s 1/4 th  power plants are not only generating power by burning coal but also wasting out large sums of money! Why is India still unable to utilize the renewable power resources to the fullest? India is still battling out a huge debt of almost 1.74 lakh crores for developing renewable energy generating plants.

Day by day the price of renewable is falling while non-renewable resources are getting costlier. According to the current statistics, India is still unable to match up the level of renewable energy generation like other countries. Instead, it is still wasting out valuable non-renewable natural resources like coal. While coal-fired power plants fulfill India’s overall energy needs by 65%, renewable solar energy satisfies the energy demand by 20% only. Yet, the Union ministry is allowing the coal-fired power plants to generate 1320 Megawatt energy more!

Indian power sector is no more in good terms!

There are a total of 165 numbers of power plants in India among which 45 plants run on just 50% PLF (Plant Load Factor). You can refer PLF as the overall power generation capacity of that particular power plant. Most of the coal-fired power plants in India have PLF around 60% that means these plants lack almost 40% coal resources to generate 100% in-demand power or energy! Among all 165 plants, only Budge Budge Thermal Power Station in West Bengal has managed to maintain as high as 100.23% Plant Load Factor.

From the recent statistics, it’s pretty clear that most of the Indian Coal Power Plants are not fully functional or capable of utilizing their fullest potential. The latest clearance reports have raised serious concerns for the upcoming years. If the scenario continues to be like this, India might face a big challenge in the upcoming years to satisfy its high energy demands!

Day by day, domestic power consumption is increasing with development. Now, the Environment Ministry is now working on the clearance of 200 Megawatts power plant in Telangana in this year’s April. The Khurja Thermal Power Plant proposal in Uttar Pradesh is still in pending state. Overall, it seems like India’s power sector is burning lumps of cash while increasing the number of pollutants in the air massively!

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