Legendary Singer Asha Bhosle Turns 85: Let’s Take A Look At Her Legacy Through All These Long Years!

Bollywood’s legend singer Asha Bhosle just turned 85 on 8th September 2018 who was once recognized as the perennial ‘Number 2’ while her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar was the Number 1. Now, each of us considers Asha Bhosle as the topmost talent singer of all time! Through all these 85 years, her legacy has continued to grow with time!

Happy birthday to Asha Bhosle!!

As the evergreen singer Asha Bhosle turns one year younger, let’s take a look at her 85 years’ long legendary musical career that inspired many young singers till today.

Asha Bhosle: ‘Bollywood playback doyenne’

Yes! Asha Bhosle just turned 85 today and we can only wish her luck and good fortune on this very special day. Since the beginning of Asha Bhosle’s career, the rivalry between two sisters started. At that time, Lata Mangeshkar was not just famous for her melodious voice but was also giving Bollywood all-time big hits one after the other. Other than music, cooking was her favorite hobby and pastime!

Asha Bhosle’s successful career: She has sung more than 11,000 songs in not only Hindi films but only films in other languages like Marathi etc. throughout her music career. Do you know that she has sung in 20 different languages? No Bollywood singer until today has that potential to break her unbeatable record. Although she made great records, people used to consider as the Number 2 after her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar.

Sibling rivalry: At that time, the Hindi music buffs used to talk about the career rivalry between Lata  Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. But, the sisters’ rivalry was unsuccessful to stop Asha Bhosle from getting appreciation and recognition. Throughout her career, she has proved herself as a unique and self-made singer/musician. That doesn’t mean that she received success without putting extra efforts and hard work! When she started her career, she was married! She was dealing with so many problems in her personal life. Yet, she out-shined from everything and made an unbeatable place for herself in the industry!

With a magnificent voice, Asha Bhosle started her music career like a rock star. Like her sister, she started giving hit songs in the industry one after another. Soon she became everyone’s favorite. Throughout these 85 years, her music has grooved us all. Her youthful exuberance and charming persona haven’t just made her famous but she has also become an inspirational figure for many people!

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