Travis Kalanick Looking for Leadership Help for Uber

The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick pledged last week that they would get help in leadership, when a video of him berating an Uber driver surfaced online. On Tuesday, he announced that Uber is looking for a Chief Operating Officer.

This executive search was announced by Kalanick in a brief statement. The statement read that he told Uber team that they are looking for a COO, someone who can partner with Kalanick to write Uber journey’s next chapter.

This statement came a week after Kalanick lost it while arguing with Fawzi Kamel over cab fares. Kalanick’s loss of temper with Kamel in the video was a part of a lot of negative news stories in the past few weeks about this San Francisco-based company.

Uber was sued last month by Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project. The base for this was theft of trade secrets. This is a big problem as Uber pegged their future in these self-driving vehicles.

This suit alleges Anthony Levandowski, former employee at Waymo, to have downloaded about 14000 proprietary files, which were highly confidential before he resigned in January 2016. He went to found Otto, the self-driving truck startup, which was later acquired by Uber for $680 Million in August. Levandowski is now the head of Uber’s self-driving car division.

After reviewing Waymo’s claims, Uber said that it was a baseless attempt for slowing down a competitor and they would vigorously defend themselves in court. During that period, they would continue all the hard work to bring these benefits to the world.

A blog post by Susan J. Fowler, a former Uber employee was the next blow. The post alleged that she was subject to sexual harassment while she was in Uber along with other female engineers. Some of these allegations involved the same manager and the HR department of Uber tried to cover it up systematically.

In Kalanick’s memo, he said to his employees that he wasn’t made aware of any such incident and the company called Eric Holder, the former US Attorney General to conduct an investigation.

Kalanick was on President Donald Trump’s advisory panel for economic issues due to which about 200,000 users deleted their app in protest to this. This was after Trump had ordered the travel ban on seven major Muslim majority countries. This boycott came along with #DeleteUber hashtag after the company had advertised that it was operating at the international airport during a strike of taxis protesting Trump’s executive order.

After all this, Kalanick promised to create a legal defense fund of $3 Million to help all drivers affected by this travel ban. Within a few days, he quit the advisory panel of the president and slammed the executive order in a memo to Uber employees.

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