Uber Works on Mending the Relationship with Regulators

Uber's Volvo XC90 self driving car is shown during a demonstration of self-driving automotive technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Uber Technologies Inc. is now working on mending the relationship with the regulators as the pressure is mounting for the firm on improving the business practices. The company had recently obtained the required permit for putting the self-driving cars back to the California streets, conceding to its state’s rules after the public spat with its regulators the previous year and then initially denying applying for the $150 permit.

This permit lets Uber back to its home state and also its chief testing ground for self-driving cars, whereas around 26 other firms that include Alphabet Inc., Tesla Motors, and also Ford Motor Co are now competing for the piece of this autonomous vehicle market and have even obtained the state permits.

Recently, Uber stated that it was actually prohibiting the use of the so-called Greyball technology for targeting the local regulators, concluding the program that had actually been very critical in assisting Uber in evading the authorities in the cities where their service has been completely banned.

The ride hailing firm had for some years made use of Greyball that very effectively changes the app view for the specific riders. This technology also uses the data from its Uber app and also the other methods for identifying and circumventing officials that aimed to ticket or even apprehend the drivers in those cities that went on to oppose Uber’s operations.

Uber’s CSO – Mr. Joe Sullivan recently stated that the company is prohibiting the Greyball use to actually target action by the local regulators moving forward. He added that Uber had even begun a review program and told that it will certainly take some time to make sure that the prohibition is totally enforced.

Uber’s attempts in repairing the relations with the regulators come despite a series of missteps that have actually sparked the consumer backlash and also raised the investor concern. One of the former employees of Uber in the previous month had published one blog post clearly explaining about a workplace where sexual harassment was very common and something that actually went totally unpunished. The blog post even prompted internal investigation.

After that, Bloomberg had released a video that displayed Kalanick berating one of the Uber drivers who had gone and complained about the cuts to rates that was paid to drivers, which resulted in Kalanick seeking a public apology. Adding to that, at least 3 high level executives have now left Uber in the past couple of weeks. The firm on Wednesday stated that it was actually granted the permit of testing 2 self-driving cars on the Californian public roads.

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